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“We help clients get the most out of their Salesforce investment with complete application development services. Our aim is to improve efficiency, increase ROI, and boost revenue.

Our skilled Salesforce experts support businesses of all sizes. As a certified partner, we use the best CRM practices to improve your business strategy, connect your team, and drive better results.”

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Salesforce Development Lifecycle

Take a journey through the Salesforce Development Lifecycle, where strategies unfold, codes come to life, and innovation shapes seamless solutions for business growth.
  • Planning: Start by creating a detailed plan with requirements and analysis before moving to development. Discuss your project idea with the Development team to ensure efficient development.
  • Design: Design Salesforce solutions with Lightning App Builder and Visualforce for intuitive user interfaces and compelling user experiences.
  • Building: Develop Salesforce applications using Apex for coding and Lightning components for responsive and dynamic user interfaces.
  • Testing: Ensure the quality of Salesforce applications through thorough testing, leveraging tools like Salesforce’s native testing capabilities and Selenium.
  • Deployment: Implement Salesforce applications to production seamlessly using tools such as Salesforce CLI, change sets, and continuous integration platforms.
  • Maintenance & Support: Provide ongoing support, ensuring the smooth functioning of Salesforce applications, utilizing monitoring tools and regular updates for optimal performance.

Maximize Business Revenue With Our Salesforce Clouds

Marketing Cloud

Businesses can drive engagement, automate tasks, target audiences, and boost customer loyalty with our Salesforce Marketing Cloud services. We specialize in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions across email, social media, mobile, and advertising channels.

Sales Cloud

With our Salesforce Sales Cloud services, businesses can optimize their sales processes and enhance sales performance efficiently and effectively. We specialize in enhancing productivity and fostering customer engagement through our comprehensive Sales Cloud services.

Service Cloud

With our Salesforce Service Cloud solutions, businesses can seamlessly elevate their customer service and support capabilities. We specialize in empowering organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences, efficiently resolve issues, and provide personalized support.


Businesses can revolutionize their marketing strategies and drive revenue growth effectively with our Pardot services. We empower marketers to nurture leads, analyze campaign performance, and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce CRM for enhanced collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

Commerce Cloud

Businesses can provide seamless online shopping experiences and build lasting customer relationships with our Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions. We enable companies to manage e-commerce operations efficiently, including storefront customization, marketing, and order management.

Analytics Cloud

With our Salesforce Analytics Cloud services, businesses can make strategic decisions and fuel business growth. We specialize in enabling businesses to transform data into actionable insights to enhance customer experiences.

Why Choose Sharp Tech IT Solution Salesforce

Industry Specific Expertise

Our team is able to produce exceptional outcomes because we have a deep understanding of the unique specifications and standards for your particular industry.

Skilled Staff

In Sharp Tech IT Solution., our group of experts in business and specialization is armed with a deep understanding as well as innovative thinking and the confidence to move forward.

On-Time Delivery

Team members are committed to delivering the promised range of goods and services within the specified timeframe, without compromising on precision.

Premium Value

The option of multiple hiring strategies that include special teams, fixed-price projects as well as hourly rates give our clients the flexibility to choose and provide premium quality.

Global Expansion

With a global footprint in the UK, USA and UAE, we offer superior digital solutions with rapidity and speed to your business.

Proven Track Record

Our team is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of you and to ensure you’re completely content.

Building Trust with Sharp Tech IT Solution

At Sharp Tech IT Solution, we create a work environment where employees can thrive both professionally and personally. Our dynamic and diverse team collaborates to achieve common goals while fostering a sense of community and unity. We encourage our employees to take charge of their lives and realize their potential by offering opportunities for growth and development.”

Industry Expertise

We’ve excelled our experience in a wide range of industries to bring valuable insights and provide our customers with the truly beneficial solutions.

Recognition and Awards

FAQ on Software Development

What are Salesforce development services?

Salesforce development services companies provide customized solutions for different Salesforce platforms. The various Salesforce platforms, such as. Salesforce marketing cloud Salesforce sales cloud among others. Helps businesses transform their customer experiences and help make their marketing and sales strategies more. Successful through the rapid transformation of their concepts into realities.

Why should you work with Sharp Tech IT Solution. as your salesforce development services?

Our client’s happiness is our top priority for the team of Sharp Tech IT Solution. We have a very skilled group composed of Salesforce experts and certified developers that provide low-cost. Salesforce development services and support services that have an unbeatable customer satisfaction. If you have any Salesforce requirements, Xeven Solutions is the best choice.

What is salesforce development?

A Salesforce development company provides a range of options for services. Include custom planning, development, and strategy. Platform and tool selection, deployment as well as integration and management services across different Salesforce cloud platforms.

How does salesforce development help businesses?

Salesforce development firms allow organizations to gain. A greater overview of the customer's information. Companies will be able to get a central view of all user data, providing organizations. And enough data in advance of any other communication in their sales and marketing strategies.

How much time does it take to develop a salesforce application?

Based on the requirements of your business Based on the business requirements. Depending on the business requirements. Our Salesforce development team will estimate the amount of time needed to develop. The complete Salesforce development follows every stage of the creation process from concept until testing. Which may need an extended period of time.

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