Stealth Messenger

It is a sophisticated system that enables secure, stealth communications (text, voice, video, images) not requiring any personal information such as a phone number or email, nor access to your phone contacts.

Effective AI Chatbots For Better Consultation Services

A chatbot is an AI-based query tool that can act as a natural language discussion tool with a user through messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, or phone calls. The most significant advantages of chatbots are that they require no uploading, downloading, or upgradation, they are built-in and activated as soon as a user demands help. Research indicates that the chatbot market will expand from $2.6 billion in the past to $9.4 billion by the end of this year.

AI Chatbot allows automated virtual assistants that can communicate with humans via text messages on instant messaging networks, forums, and onsite live chat sessions. Chatbots can be programmed to respond to customer input or they can be driven by rules. They are taught to respond to encounters and rely on a machine’s capacity to read the human language. The chatbot’s reaction becomes more human-like as more data is put into it.While AI-powered chatbots have limits, they are becoming smarter with time. They can quickly become so real and act as humans that it can become an arduous task to identify between a chatbot online and a human.

With minimal human participation, the best chatbot can improve and engage consumer interactions. It removes the obstacles to customer service that might arise when demand exceeds available resources. Customers can easily obtain answers to those questions in live time rather than waiting on hold for hours. Customers’ brand experiences can be improved by reducing service unavailability as chatbots can rapidly redirect consumers to their required sessions. FAQs and other data can also be treated via chatbots.

Chatbots that answer basic queries help to boost satisfaction, minimize the user experience, and provide quick assistance to firms that are striving to be more responsive in their customer dealings. AI-powered chatbots are a blend of the previous two types of bots. These bots employ machine learning, artificial intelligence, and NLP to grasp and recall the background of the topic under consideration as well as the user’s priorities.

Several ways and technologies can be used to create a chatbot. There are varying degrees for a chatbot program to be designed. A mix of multiple types of AI, such as natural language, machine learning and NLP may be the best choice for achieving the firm target in many cases.

The top systems provide these kinds of chatbot configurations:

  • guided dialogues
  • free-form talks

A guided conversation is the one in which a chatbot directs the user through a sequence of options and questions to achieve a certain objective. In this, a few options are constantly provided to choose from. Whereas, a free-form discussion provides the user more influence over the conversation by allowing him to send messages without being limited by the chatbot’s possibilities. There are limited options and users can ask whatever they want in unlimited words.

At sharp, we offer all types of chatbots that incur the needs of users belonging to any field. Whether it is an educational website or a logistics network, we provide the best chatbot development services. Our expertise has allowed us market recognition and we stand out in terms of chatbot development services.

What Is Safi Stealth Messenger?

Safi is a sophisticated military-grade security system that enables secure, stealth communications (text, voice, video, images), not requiring any personal information such as a phone number or email, nor access to your phone contacts.

Problems In Online Communication






Did You Know?

Facebook snooping on over 1.3 billion Messenger users data including messages and downloading your links and attachments.
Over 30% of messenger app users stopped or avoided using messaging apps due to data privacy concerns.
Covid-19 drives 72% to 105% ransomware spike.

High-Level Features Of Safi-Stealth Messenger

Automated File Scanning

Selective Blocking

Unprecedented Security

Reduced Digital Footprint

End-To-End Encryption

Stealth Mode

Free Storage

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