Witness The Impact From The Successful Implementation Of Our Projects.

The owner of BUCH Hospital needed a solution to manage administrative and patient details efficiently.

Our client experienced ongoing challenges in the pursuit of graphic designers to obtain custom thumbnails and images for their posts.

ML-powered social media management platform simplifies content creation, scheduling, and audience engagement, offering an all-in-one solution for businesses navigating the challenges of diverse platforms and large audiences.

Patient Diagnostic System utilizes AI and ML algorithms in a conversational chatbot to streamline disease diagnosis, alleviating the burden on doctors overwhelmed by patient volume

Law Chat GPT employs advanced ML and NLP technologies to efficiently generate precise and natural-sounding legal text, providing valuable assistance to legal professionals amid the growing complexity of legal matters.

Legal Contract Analyzer transforms contract management with an NLP and ML-based analyzer, automating the entire contract analysis process to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and compliance insights.

The Marche is a high-value online e-commerce marketplace that connects sellers with buyers.

MrPos is a restaurant management system that provides cloud-based solutions to cover all the needs in a single package.

EduTech is the e-learning platform that is developed to fulfill the rapidly growing need of the industry.

Pocket booking is a platform that provides easy bookings of different services to the users.

It is a sophisticated system that enables secure, stealth communications (text, voice, video, images) not requiring any personal information such as a phone number or email, nor access to your

REDHANDED is an ML-Powered SaaS-based platform where real estate owners and entrepreneurs can transact independently of a broker in a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manner

A thoughtfully designed e-counseling platform that allows secure consultations with certified and accredited mental health experts. Making mental care more accessible and affordable and helping people cope with life’s challenges.

Telemedicine solution is an online platform where you can instantly connect with licensed and qualified doctors anytime, anywhere!

A One-Stop-Shop for all the planning. With VisionCollab’s all-in-one tool for agile management, allocate tasks and manage them till completion.

A dynamic learning management system equipped with interactive tools and virtual classrooms empowering both teachers and learners to deliver a complete learning experience.

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